About Us


"DS-archstudio" Architecture & Design company

Specializing in luxury residential and commercial projects and interior design, that was founded in 2005 in Yerevan, Armenia. We provide complete architecture and interior design services from the conceptual phase through to supervising the execution. We believe, that a well designed interior space is timeless and reflects the unique personalities of its owners. A wide ranging fluency of style and cultures allows us to work with spaces, colour and materials, so that are both in harmony with the environment and in synch with our client's vision. We will help bring your ideas to life, bridging the gap between builders, sub-constructors and manufacturers. We believe that right kind of architecture decisions and good design can improve lives, and we would love to use our creative talents and technical skills to enhance your space. The reputation we have built reflects our passion for design, hard work and interesting challenges, that allow us to express our creativity. We will create the ultimate environment, that combines comfort with luxury, and functionality finish.


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